Advice is needed

Hello readers. I’ve been interested in the idea of vlogging for quite a while now and I need some advice by fellow bloggers out here. So it would be helpful if anyone who is reading this can leave a comment, thank you.

I want to begin vlogging but I am not sure how and where to start! So far I’m into  the beauty, cooking and health demographic. I want to be unique, to be myself without seeming too unnatural either. Sadly, I don’t always get new products as I’m a person who is happy with what they have at the moment. I’m broke and a student who lives with their parents, so I don’t have the money to buy a new camera or new products.

I need tips on how to begin vlogging, as I’m a total noob at a lot of things and I’m also not a social butterfly either! I barely talk at school, so I’m soft spoken and sometimes I do in fact stutter. Great, huh? How to vlog when you’re a broke as heck student? How to get better lighting with a Canon Powershot digital camera? What are the niches that most people are into? How the heck do I make a good video with good SEO? What should I vlog about?

Comment down your ideas and tips, it’d mean so much. Thank you, whoever you are. You might have saved a dear anxious brain from overthinking.



5 Reasons you should listen to Kpop


K-pop? What is that, you may ask?
Let me introduce you to a whole new world that you never knew existed and why you should be a part of it, along with the rest of us crazy beings.
K-pop is an abbreviation for Korean pop. No, before you quit reading this already, it’s not just pop. Kpop includes a whole galore full of different genres of music, which brings me to the first reason why you should listen to kpop:

1. The Variety

Hip-hop, Dance, EDM, Dancehall, you name it, but for convenience, us kpoppers refer to them all as Kpop. You just need to pick a genre that suits your taste, and you’ll be hooked. Kpop is taking the world by storm, why don’t you join us along with everyone else and find out what all the buzz is about? We’ll help you get started! Listen to this amazing…

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You are beautiful.

This is just a message to everyone, man or woman or non-binary person. I want to remind you that you’re all amazing. You’re beautiful in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms. I want to tell you this not because I want to seem falsely kind, but because I truly want people to smile. If you smiled reading this post, like it. I want to see if I fulfilled my wish in making someone happy.

Those little things about you is what makes you unique and special. Even if you decided to alter your appearance, remember that the inside is what matters. If you’re a beautiful person on the inside, I can assure you that your beauty will radiate on the outside as well.

If you wear makeup, that’s okay. You do you, beautiful.

If you’re a guy and you wear makeup, that’s okay. You are wonderful the way you are and your gender shouldn’t matter for your love for makeup.

If you don’t wear makeup, that’s okay. You are just as beautiful.

If you done cosmetic surgery, it’s okay. You have a right to do what you want to your body, as long as you feel happy and confident with your results.

Stay beautiful, folks. Fill your lives with blessings, light and happiness xx.


Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner [REVIEW+SWATCH TEST]

  Hello everyone! I’m back to writing another cosmetics review for you guys. I’ve been busy and I haven’t been shopping for any new cosmetics as I feel I don’t need anything else for now. I’m really into using natural products like aloe vera gel and baking soda for skincare. I also apply minimal makeup to my face to reduce my risk of breaking out. Also, I will be reviewing an Avon product that I think is a favourite for many.

  The product I’m reviewing is “Avon True Color Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner“.  The stick is black and you can twist the bottom end to get your product out. It has a main creamy colour with some sparkly shimmer in it for a diamond-like effect.


The three colours from left to right are: Sugar Plum, Black Ice and Smokey Diamond.  The Avon website says:

• Provides true color (color in package is the same as on eyelid)
• Stays color true (color does not change hue/color as it wears)
• Is fuss proof/fail proof
• Doesn’t pull or tug on eyelids
• Defines eye with perfect precision
• Creamy smooth glide-on-color
• Is long wearing (wears/lasts for 10 hours)
• Acceptable for use as a kohl liner
• Retractable
• Bold, sparkly finish
• Clinically tested”

  The product does not give me an allergic reaction or tug on my eyelids. It has a very smooth finish and you have precision while applying. The colour does not change within the day as well. The only thing is that I wish there’d be even more product inside. I love the colour choices and I think I’d always buy from Avon either way, their cosmetic products are excellent-quality.



1 – Smokey Diamond

2 – Sugar Plum

3 – Black Ice


  • Really good texture
  • Clinically tested thus less risk of allergic reactions
  • Glittery
  • Saturated and good variety of colours
  • Creamy and has a “glide-on” feel
  • Precision when applying
  • Retractable and no need to sharpen your eyeliner

AVERAGE PRICE:  $7.99 (SALE $4.99)


Buy now and get free 2-day shipping and free returns. 



Korean Snack Review

Okay, so I have a Korean penpal from Gunpo city. We have been communicating for around a year so far, I met her off a typical penpal site. Initially, I was just looking for a friend who can teach me more about Korean culture, the language and also help with English. She is so nice, sweet and adorable. She sent me a care package last year for my birthday in June, I was so delighted.  In my package I received Korean salty treats, sweet snacks, a letter, Kakaotalk Friends bandaids, handphone decor, innis free masks and a drawing. I still have yet to send her a package, I plan to do so for her birthday in March. Now I will be reviewing the snacks I have tried.

  1. Shin Ramyun 라면 – 농심 (Nongshim)

Shin ramyun is essentially the Korean version of Japanese ramen. It is very spicy to those who aren’t used to spicy food. For me it is nothing, I am very used to spicy food. It has a bit of dried kimchi in there too and has a delicious broth. Best served with chopsticks. It’s an instant taste of Korea in a cup. 9/10 since I prefer kimchi instant noodle soup.

2. Poka Chip, Onion flavour by Orion (포카칩 – 오리온)


100% potato, 100% subtle but delicious flavour. It is not super strong onion flavour, however it topped my list of delicious chips that I have tried in my life. Chips in Canada is too oily and saturated, but these have beat them. I can say these are like the lighter Korean version of Lays chips. 10/10 on the scale.

3. Pepero Sticks, Original Chocolate Flavour (빼빼로)


Pepero sticks are so far the most popular sweet snack in all of South Korea. From normal kids, to teenagers on the streets to K-Pop idols, you will see this treat be eaten no matter what. I suppose this is what they call the Korean version of Pocky? It had a rich chocolatey thick taste, however sadly the bread stick part seemingly wasn’t as tasty. 8/10.

4. Mallang Cow Strawberry Milk Chews by Lotte (말랑카우)

img_20160918_174628The expression on the wrapper means “is it difficult?” I figure it’s because the candy is quite uhm, chewy. If you like strawberry milk flavoured things, this is for you. I am not a huge fan of chewables, but I love strawberry flavoured candies. 7/10, weird aftertaste.

5. Lotte Sand (Cookies)


My penpal told me this is what Koreans consider Oreo cookies, or something similar to it. It is very cheap, maybe around $1.20 USD. It tastes nearly exactly like Oreos. I love cookies and my family nearly ate all of it. Perfect with milk. 10/10 for cookie lovers.

Overall, I loved these treats and I recommend that you try some Korean treats and food in the future if you haven’t already. Their cuisine is aromatic, colourful and full of surprises. Stay tuned for more reviews, posts about skincare, beauty and more.




5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Gel

So you have an aloe vera plant hanging out in a pot in your home as a decoration, but do you know about the amazing benefits that come from aloe? From topical use to ingestion, it’s quite a versatile plant. Take a look at the multifarious ways you can use the clear succulent gel in your daily life.

1. Sunburn Treatment 

 Because of aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in soothing reddened, burnt skin caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Minor sunburns on the face can be healed with just few topical treatments of aloe vera gel cream. Halt the use if you develop an itching, red rash as that could indicate an allergic reaction to aloe vera.


2. Aftershave 

  The gel contains two hormones: auxin and gibberillins which aid in healing small cuts that could be produced after shaving. Apply the gel every time after shaving, for a soothing healing effect. Within a few uses, your risks of having ingrown hairs reduces.

3. Skincare

  Aloe vera has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents used for treating small face marks, pimples, wrinkles and wounds. No wonder why its gel is infamously used in many cosmetic products. Cleanse daily and apply the gel on all unwanted spots, wrinkles and freckles. You will see and feel the difference within 7 days. It won’t necessarily “cure” acne, because acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, diet and other lifestyle issues. However, aloe vera gel will surely hydrate your skin, dry up your spots and make your skin feel smoother and aids in clearing up acne scars. If you truly want to reduce acne, eat more healthy foods and try cutting out or reducing unnatural sugar and gluten intake.

4. Digestion 

 “Aloe vera is considered a laxative-acting food. The gel-filled plant increases intestinal water content, stimulates mucus secretion and contains enzymes that help the body break down food.” (Gut Health Project). The gel can be used to ease constipation, improve digestion of food and it also promotes gut health. It can also be used to lessen yeast growth, helps the growth of digestive flora and balances the body’s pH levels. Drink aloe vera juice after every large meal to promote the processing of food. Drink the juice on an empty stomach the first thing you wake up for weight loss. Be aware that consuming aloe latex (yellow substance under the skin) can cause diarrhea in some individuals as it is a stimulant laxative.

5. Hair Care

  Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which assist in repairing dead skin cells, reduces dryness and itching as well. It acts as an amazing conditioner, thus making your hair silky and easier to comb. It also can be used to treat dandruff and promotes hair growth. Massage aloe vera gel on your scalp slowly in a circular motion to promote circulation to your hair roots for hair growth. Use the gel on the ends of your hair and wait at least 5 minutes before rinsing for more softer, healthier tips. To use as a mask, use a mixture of aloe vera gel and honey (or lemon juice),  lathering it through your locks and wrapping your hair in foil, fabric or a hairnet for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Your hair will be silky, soft and shiny. No need for extra chemicals, right?


There are many more ways to care for your body using aloe vera gel. Never underestimate the power of this super plant, you and your body won’t regret it. I hope you use your aloe vera well! 



**DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these photos. This is just for recreational use.**

[Interview/Trans] [STARCAST] “Tearful album made by sweat”… BTS at working studio [161018]

So cute. bts is worth it. ♡ i use them as a motivation to write songs hehe.

Maknae on top.
into sandwich now.

Is it different for hyung (older brother)?
supplying sugar now.

the ‘feast’ has been started.
Is it BTS feast now?


Forget about the eating show.
BTS is working for their album.
Shall we turn the time back?

“Seriousness” (JIMIN and RAP MONSTER)

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[REVIEW] – Lemon Tea Tree Nose Strip (Luke)

  Hello, fellow blog readers! I am finally back to write another review for I received my new package in the mail a week and a bit ago, then I went on a trip to Italy for 4 days. I’ll write a separate post about my trip soon. Finally, I’m here and ready to review Lemon Tea Tree Nose Strip by Luke. 






   I have already done a review for this, however my experience has changed after finally knowing how to apply the strip properly and kept it on longer. It’s very simple to use, although you might have to deal with the ouch while taking it off though! 


  1. Cleanse nose and make sure your nose is wet or else the strip won’t stick.
  2. Peel the strip off the plastic liner.
  3. Press the strip down against the nose and slowly press it against the skin, making sure it’s snug against it.
  4. Leave on for 10~20 minutes.
  5.  Gently peel off and feel a nicely hydrated, smooth clean nose. 🙂



  So the first time I tried it, it was my first time wearing a nose strip so it didn’t stick on properly. My bad! This time, I am more experienced (second time is a charm)! I made a video initially where I was putting it on, but it’s so weird and embarrassing. I don’t know how to vlog at all. It’s probably because I’m not confident at all, but oh well.  The essence hydrated my skin, cleared up the pores and left it smooth and silky. Tea tree oil and lemon are very good for the skin after all. I’m glad it worked better for me this time round. Hence why this time the rating is a bit higher.


Initial Rating: 9/10 

  This time I rate it a 9/10 because I know now how to apply it, it’s easy and the scent is nice and fresh as well. The essence definitely does what it’s supposed to and is great for those who are nose strip fanatics. I would definitely buy, if I was more into nose strips. 

Hope you enjoyed my review, stay tuned for more product reviews soon! I got way more sent in my package, I’ll also post up a travel post (Italy) as soon as I can. Thank you for reading! Comments are really appreciated.



☽ the kawaii bosnian 


Hello everyone!

I am so sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been busy with school, then going out with family during my summer vacation. I have been having hair falling excessively that I am starting to get worried. I do not know any other remedy for it as I have tried changing back to my old shampoo, massaging scalp with coconut oil and even binaural beats. I am not sure if it’s just stress, or something more sinister. Can 10 days of fasting and a period afterwards cause this? I might be lacking in vitamins, probably. The issue is, I do blood tests that come out perfect whenever I do them. Living in this country gives me extra anxious burden that is not needed. I also have written a post before about spirituality, however bad luck struck me and I accidentally closed the post without having saved it.

I also have taken a two-week trip to Switzerland, residing at my cousin’s apartment for the stay. I can assure you all the green, hilly environment and the lighter air felt so good. In Bosnia 80% of the people smoke, so they pollute the air heavily. Smoking is such a nasty danger to our health, it’s not even a joke. It’s also harmful to our spirituality – yes even me supporting the use of medical marijuana can tell you that it can affect your aura if you smoke it. I also felt a better vibe in Switzerland than in Bosnia. How? I am not sure. We’re all part of the same continent and Bosnia is my parents’ home land. Yet all I have been since I have moved to Bosnia is depressed, lonely, useless and down. I write because all I have is my phone and PC, I rather be friends with that than fake people here who pretend to be kind to your face only to gossip behind your back.



I will post up pictures from my trip soon. I’ve had wonderful food at Tenmanya Asian Restaurant in Laufenburg, Germany, visited the Zoo in the Zurich capital, went to a wild animal park and fed some ponies, mini pigs and goats and I also have traveled to Europa Park in Rust, Germany. Europa Park was one of the best experiences of my life, I can assure you that. For an adult person you pay 44,50 euros – this entitles you entrance to the park and access to all rides freely without any need to pay for tickets. All the roller coasters were thrilling, fun and worth the 55+ minute waiting times. We had watched a flamenco dance show, ate delicious Spanish and Chinese food, had a beer and a cocktail with my cousin and took many beautiful pictures. I especially loved the Greece and Spain area! It’s like going into an Europe-themed Disneyland, but larger! If you want a fun family trip, I suggest you opt for Europa Park.

I also have recently discovered that I might have an issue with anxiety. I tend to fuss over my health, I panic easily when triggered and my heartbeat increases including my body temperature, hands shake and I feel nervous as hell. I also pick at my chin and cheek hairs excessively until I make marks or scabs. The feeling that I have darker hair on my face besides my eyelashes and eyebrows makes me paranoid. It stems from the Bosnian mentality of the youth  that facial hair on women is ugly and has to be gone. I even would get too lazy to pluck my eyebrows and someone always has to tell me “you forgot to pluck your eyebrows” or “you forgot to shave your legs”, it just hurts so much. I need help in a country where there’s a stigma on going to the psychiatrist for mental help or therapy. I hope I get help soon, as soon as possible.

I have also read my e-mail only to read that our second package for Skin18 will come soon in the mail. I am so excited! I can’t wait to try the products and review them again, I really missed writing. I have been too busy and lacked inspiration to write so excuses any grammar mistakes. I have been also studying German so I tend to mix 3 languages in my speech lately, sorry in advance! I also know this post is very random, and that there is way more on my mind to spill out here. It’s just how I am, and I hope random people like me don’t feel ashamed for that kind of personality. Don’t worry, I’m just like you!

I hope everyone is alive, happy and well! I’ll post better posts soon and won’t need to read my randomness. Take care, maybe leave a comment? Any tips against hair loss I can use? Thanks in advance,